Quality policy

AUTOMATISMOS RIJAT S.L., is a company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and commissioning of special machinery and industrial automation facilities.

Automatismos Rijat’s policy is to maintain a competitiveness that ensures the permanence in the market to achieve the satisfaction of the interested parties, considering the context of the organization and determining the risks and opportunities, in a sustainable way for the environment and safe for its personnel.

The fundamental principles of Automatismos Rijat policy are:


THE CUSTOMER is the essential element and the main motivation of Automatismos Rijat. Knowing your needs and expectations is essential for us. Only this way we will be able to satisfy and promote loyalty.


STAFF is a valuable asset that Automatismos Rijat has. For this reason, it is the mission of each head to achieve the maximum satisfaction of their staff, easing adequate training for the development of their activity, moreover, providing with information about the results that may affect their performance and providing safe and healthy working conditions preventing injuries and deterioration of health related to the working activity, implementing measures that allow, as far as possible, to eliminate hazards and reduce the safety and health risks, complying with the current legislation on occupational hazards and promoting organizational models that make easier staff participation and consultation.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in all areas is the only guarantee of survival. Our objective is to minimize errors, eliminating the causes that may have produced them: introducing preventive schemes, improving environmental management, promoting good environmental practices for staff and suppliers and prioritizing the occupational health and safety of those who carry out work in our facilities.

OUR SUPPLIERS AND COLLABORATORS contribute in a valuable way in achieving the objective of satisfying the needs of the client. Their contribution is the key to achieve success in today’s and tomorrow’s markets. For this reason, our attitude towards them must always be totally honest, informing them at all times of the environmental and occupational safety requirements that may arise from their work.

ENVIRONMENT, fully committed to protecting the environment, working to prevent pollution derived mainly from our waste and the emissions from our fleet of vehicles and the efficient management of our natural and energy resources.

COMMITMENT, through this policy, Automatismos Rijat strengthens its commitment to the identification, compliance and periodic evaluation of legal requirements related to our services, the environment and occupational safety. Likewise, Automatismos Rijat, will comply with all the requirements that both customers and society, their staff, suppliers or other interested parties communicate and/or are applicable to the company and that are related to our GIS.

EQUALITY, promote equal opportunities among our entire team and guarantee an optimal work environment, where the full potential of our team can be developed and thus contribute to continuous improvement.

To ensure the achievement of the objectives of this policy, the Company’s Management is committed to complying with, and make comlpy, all the procedures and concepts defined in our SIG and to provide, in the measure of possible, the necessary means and resources to its obtaining.

This SIG Policy is communicated to all Automatismos Rijat staff, to those agents who work on our behalf and to those interested persons.

Likewise, this policy will be reviewed periodically by the Company’s Management in order to verify that it is appropriate to the activity that we develop.